the struggle when you just ate but you’re still hungry

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still wondering how they made this movie


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"When I was just a young girl,
I was barley old enough to tell
the difference between love
and lust. And then you came
into my world and suddenly
everything felt right, felt different,
felt whole enough to a point
where I never knew how I could
be content with loneliness.
You showed me things I never
knew existed, opened me up
until I couldn’t close myself
ever again. We spent months
inside of bliss, inside of
happiness, inside of comfortability.
But that time, and those feelings
have passed and now I am
sitting here wondering
how I could have been such
a fool. You took my indifference
between sincerity and passion
and showed me that there is
no in-between. That there is
only one feeling to be felt. And
knowing what I now know,
I know that all you felt for me was
a synthetic kind of love.
The kind that consumes you
until you finally get what you
came here for in the first place.
I saw you the other day,
you know. Your hands were
tied around another woman’s
waist, and I couldn’t help
but to wonder if she is just
another victim caught inside
your web that is made up
of pretty words and poison.
And I would call her a fool,
but if I could, I would trap
myself inside of your web
for the rest of my foolish forever."

"I was too hopeful to see that your love was just a trick," - Colleen Brown (via mostlyfiction)

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